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Interview announcement

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

by Sarah Allison

I was asked to come speak on a daily radio talk show called 95.9 WNPQ "The Light". It will be airing this morning at 9:30am. I believe you can also listen to it online, if you are not from the area.

It features our local CEF chapter, and the stories that are changing our community. I was pretty nervous. This is really out of my comfort zone, but it is my prayer that the Lord will use this to burden people's hearts to reach the younger generation.

Please find the interview in two parts below.

Part 1

Part 2

Phot of WNPQ wall

Photo of interviewer Suzie Thomas's Business Card

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 11, 2019

Great job Sarah! Your interview was outstanding. I can't believe this was your first. Not only should our CEF of Greater Canton be proud but also the Sate and National leaders as well. You represented them all exceeding well! We are very fortunate to have you in leadership of this much needed mission.

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