Each person that works with Child Evangelism Fellowship must complete a background check. After the background check is completed, each worker will receive a name badge.

  •  Background checks need to be redone every 5 years.

  • If you are under 18, please contact our office for your specific background check done for minors

  • STOP:   Please complete the following tasks if you haven’t already, before officially starting your background check.
    1.    Read our Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Policy
    2.    Read our Child Protection Policy. 
    3.    Watch or listen to (866-878-4182) the “Protecting Today’s Child” presentation. It is 11 minutes. 

  • It should take about 15 mins or so to complete. However, you will have 30 minutes to do it if you need it. You will need your personal information, social security number, along with 4 references complete with name, address, phone, email, and church.
    o    First Reference:  (Pastor or Church Leader)
    o    Second Reference:  (Previous Employer)
    o    Third Reference:  (Personal – Not a Relative)
    o    Fourth Reference:  (General)

  • A background check costs $15 per person, but it is covered by the CEF chapter. However, if you wish to take care of this expense, please make a check to CEF of Greater Canton and send the check to our local office (CEF of Greater Canton, 1900 Wales Rd. Massillon, OH 44646) with a note indicating that this amount is for a background check.

  • After you have submitted your background check, you are good to go for service, unless you receive a call from us for further clarification. Welcome to the CEF Family!